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Scents and self-care for bookworms, delivered monthly.

Fairytale Bath Box is a themed box of candles and self-care products for bookworms. 

Each box contains a curation of hand-crafted, scented products inspired by books, literature, and fiction. It’s for hardcore bookworms who love reading, pampering themselves, and filling their spaces with beautiful scents.

With this box, you’ll easily be able to enjoy full-on spa nights while also finding high-quality, beautiful products to use in your daily life while showing off your true love for reading.

Each month we focus on a new theme that keeps our products fresh and exciting. You’ll receive bath bombs along with soaps, candles, shower steamers, lotions, lip balms, scrubs, salt soaks and more!

    How does it work?

    Sign up for a subscription and your box will automatically be delivered every month. Or, grab a one-time box if you just want to try it out. Cancel your subscription without penalty at any time.

    Boxes ship the month after they’re sold and are on sale from the 5th of one month to the 4th of the following (or until we sell out!). For example, the October box is on sale from Sept. 5 to Oct. 4 and ship mid-October. All boxes ship free to the United States.

    Any products purchased in conjunction with your box will be shipped at the same time as your box but may alter the shipping cost.

    Scent schedule

    During different times of the year, you'll receive fragrances that compliment the current season.

    - September - November: fall scents
    - December - February: winter scents
    - March - April: spring scents
    - June - August: summer scents

    Reviews of our boxes.

    "This box is the perfect kit to pamper yourself each month and to motivate you to take time for you!"- Loni

    "I have no idea which product is my favorite. It’s all so unique and beautifully scented. I really love how smooth the lip balm is. This box was a masterpiece." - Emily

    "I was never a huge fan of baths as I could never really find products that I liked. Then I found Fairytale Bath Co. and now taking baths is a favorite pastime!” - Shawna

    Satisfaction guaranteed.

    Not satisfied with your purchase? No problem. Contact us at hello@fairytalebathco.com and we'll make it right.

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