Scent Guide

We currently have four fragrances available year-round. If you’d like to enjoy some of our seasonal scents, try one of our monthly bath boxes.

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A comforting and fresh blend of cotton, lemon zest, gardenia, jasmine, and violet.

Burn this scented candle while you binge the newest installment in your favorite series or reread an old favorite for the millionth time. It’s inspired by a love of being cozy while reading, new books, and freshly cracked spines.

Dragon Mom

Every Dragon fan will adore the woodsy and breathtaking fragrance of crackling white birch and smoked vanilla bean with a base of slight musk.

This fragrance is inspired by all things dragon. The notes of burning embers emanate the flaming breath of dragons while the woodsy and natural scents are reminiscent of their natural habitats 

Snitch Please

This scent is for fans of Quidditch and Harry Potter. It is a delectable combination of birthday cake, buttercream, honey, vanilla bean, and powdered sugar, a treat for your senses.

This fragrance is inspired by some of the delectable and magical treats present in the Wizarding world, especially after celebrating winning the big game 

Faerie Fruit

This enchanting scent is a juicy mix of lemon rinds, pink grapefruit, lime, lemongrass, lily, and vanilla sugar that is sure to help you forget your worries and get lost in the Faerie Realm. Some describe it as smelling like the cereal “Fruity Pebbles.”

This scent is inspired by the intoxicating fruit known to send mortals into a drunken stupor. It’s divije, but dangerously addictive.