About us

At Fairytale Bath Company, we make fragrant and bold scents and self-care products for book nerds. 

We create personal care products that bring your favorite characters and stories to life.

Whether you need to dream about your book boyfriend or manifest your badass alter-ego, we've got a product that will transport you there. 

Our Story

I’m Ashley, the crafty bookworm with a slight glitter obsession behind the magic at Fairytale Bath Company.

I’ve always been a reader. As a child, I brought books everywhere. I took regular trips to the library and stayed up many late nights reading “just one more chapter.” I was the kid who always read ahead in class and accidentally spoiled the plot for everyone else. I babbled on to anyone who will listen about fictional characters and my emotional attachment to them.

Who am I kidding? I still do that. I can’t help it.

Books excite me too much. 

When I discovered an online community of people just like me who also adored books, I was hooked. Bookstagram gave me a place to discuss plot twists, ‘ships and fictional worlds with like-minded people. I could express a passion I’ve always had but didn’t necessarily have an outlet for.

Eventually, I got the idea to combine reading with a different hobby of mine: crafting. Since then, I haven’t stopped thinking of new bath bomb ideas to bring to life beloved stories.

If you want to talk about books with other readers, be sure to join our Facebook Group. Watch weekly book reviews on our Youtube channel, and score sneak peeks and products demos on our Instagram.

Please direct all questions and concerns to the next available owl (otherwise known as hello@fairytalebathco.com).

- Ashley Anderson, Fairytale Bath Co. Founder