Welcome to our new brand!

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Welcome to our new brand!

How do we look? We’ve completely switched over to our new brand logo, color scheme, and website and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I feel that this new look fully represents the direction I want to go with Fairytale Bath Company and I am anticipating the future and all it holds.

It’s been just under a year since we through a name change from Muggle Bath to Fairytale Bath Company. In that time, I’ve interacted with so many of you on Instagram, chatting about books and baths and life, and it’s been such a rewarding part of both my life and business.

I’ve tried numerous new strategies for my business, both in social media and products. I’ve worked with many amazing companies, curating custom products that their customers adored. Most importantly, I’ve discovered new books and characters to fall in love with.

It’s been so amazingly fulfilling for me. To be able to create at will as a job? If you had told third grade art-class-loving me that as an adult I’d be essentially holding nightly arts and crafts in my basement and getting paid to do so, I’d never have believed you.

But here we are. It’s all thanks to you! Thank you for being here and supporting my dream.

I’ve felt that we needed a new, clearer direction for Fairytale Bath Co. for a while, but I struggled for a bit with clearly defining the exact message I wanted to convey, the feelings that I wanted to invoke, and the products I wanted to create.

After hours and days and weeks of mulling things over, racking my brain and stretching my design skills to limits they’ve never seen, I have created a new logo and manifested a new vision for us:





I think our new look and vision really speaks to my primary mission here at Fairytale Bath Company: bringing you products that speak to your nerdy heart and help you find a moment of bliss in your day.

Another part of this new vision is that I will no longer be making our monthly box, Fairytale Crate. I’ve decided instead to focus on monthly releases. (More info on that here later!)

Here are the kinds of content you can expect from us going forward and where to find it:

  • Join our digital book club, Fairytale Reads to read and discuss fantasy and sci-fi reads. We begin reading our first book on September 1.
  • Follow this blog for book reviews and self-care related posts.
  • Follow us on Instagram for mini book reviews, product demos, behind the scenes looks, product release sneak peeks and promotions. 
  • Subscribe to us on YouTube for videos products being made. 
  • Subscribe to our email list for a free bath bomb with your first order and to receive our self-care newsletter and promotional emails, including product launches.

Leave a comment below letting me know what you think of our new logo and direction! As always, I love to hear your thoughts. 


Until next time,



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