The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift For Bookworms

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The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift For Bookworms

The time is coming to celebrate all things romance and to show your loved ones just how much you care for them. We’ve come up with two special edition crates to help you relish in those book romances that make your heart go all tingly.

Introducing, the Steamy ‘Ships Crates.

Valentine's Day Crates for Bookworms Steamy 'Ships Crates

Each crate will represent a number of ‘ships (or relationships) from young adult fantasy and sci-fi novels. Each product will represent a different couple. There will be more than 10 different fandoms represented across the two crates, which include Six of Crows, Harry Potter, ACOTAR, The Cruel Prince, Illuminae, Strange the Dreamer and more!

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The fragrances in these boxes are seductive and savory. Each one smells like Valentine’s Day and romance right out of a book.

Ranging from romantic and sexy to fruity and decadent, the scents, characters, and quotes we’ve curated for these products are sure to get you in the mood for some romance and love. They’re perfect for gifting to a loved one, sending off to a friend, or indulging in yourself.

A small sample of the fragrance notes includes chocolate covered strawberry, black amber, midnight jasmine, rose bouquet, spicy cinnamon sticks, raspberry wine, decadent dark chocolate and more!

We have two unique crate options available for preorder beginning January 14: The Steamy ‘Ships Candle Crate and The Steamy ‘Ships Bath Bomb Crate.

The Candle Crate - $44.99: Includes three 8 oz. soy candles and 2 sturdy bookmarks

The Bath Bomb Crate - $26.99: Includes four 6 oz. artisan bath bombs and 2 sturdy bookmarks

We will have a limited number of each set available. Crates will go live for sale on January 14 at 3 p.m. CST.

There will be four unique bookmarks across the two crates, so you can purchase both sets without duplicating any items. Sales will close late January (or when we sell out!) and all crates will ship out on February 8, in time for your Valentine’s Day celebrations on February 14.

Crate Inspiration & A Sneak Peek

The inspiration for these crates came to me after I read Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor. I was enamored with Sarai and Lazlo’s romance. I kept thinking about their unlikely relationship that was straight out of a dream. The way they both needed each other so fully and found something in the other they had never experienced with anyone else.

Days after I finished the book, I couldn’t get their sweet, innocent love out of my head. I started thinking about all the couples I’ve appreciated in different books I’d read recently and how each one ignited different emotions and feelings in me.

Every love is unique and special and I feel like we’ve really made these beloved couples come to life in these crates.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the candles included in the Candle Crate.

Feyre and Rhysand Candle

The Feyre & Rhys Candle combines the dark and sexy nature of the High Lord of the Night Court with the beauty and sensuality of his High Lady. Envelop yourself in the fae baes with notes of musky man, blooming jasmine, violet flowers, fir trees, with a dash of tangy lime and grapefruit.

Click here to preview the crates.

We will release another sneak peek or two before sales close, so subscribe to email updates to stay in the know!

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