Sorcery Shower Steamer Collection

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Sorcery Shower Steamer Collection

The new Sorcery Shower Steamers Collection will brighten up your shower routine with magically invigorating scents. When used, Steamers release oils that intermingle with shower steam.

Each one is designed to uplift, relax, invigorate or refresh. Whether you need to be uplifted before tackling complex spells or unwind after a day of brewing potions, we’ve got you covered.

Just place a steamer on your shower floor or shelf and be transported into an aromatherapy shower experience unlike any other.

Choose from four natural scents, each blended with a unique spell of essential and fragrance oils.

Sorcery Shower Steamers
WIZARD - Invigorating blend. Minty eucalyptus.
MAGIC WAND - Uplifting blend. Lemongrass green tea.
BROOMSTICK - Refreshing blend. Pink Grapefruit.
BREWING POTION - Relaxing blend. Lavender.

The Sorcery Shower Steamer Collection is available beginning 3/22/19 at 3 p.m. CST. This collection will be our new permanent shower steamer line, restocking regularly! You can purchase them individually or in a bundle to save. Sign up for a recurring subscription so you receive enough steamers for your pampering needs and never have to remember to reorder.

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