October Bath Box Theme Announcement

Posted by Ashley Anderson on

Our October Fairytale Bath Box theme is SWEATER WEATHER. Are you ready to curl up with a cozy blanket, warm beverage, and a good book?  Then this box is for you.

Inside the October box, you’ll find a selection of products that are scented like fall. Some of the fragrance notes from this box include falling leaves, cozy sweaters, old books, and hot drinks.

Each box includes 1 candle and 5 self-care products themed around being comfy and reading in the fall.

This box is special because it’s the first one we’re doing that doesn’t have affiliation with specific fandoms or books. While we’ve had a lot of fun creating products that are inspired by specific characters and stories, it’s time to broaden our scope to create a bath box that ALL bookworms can appreciate. From this point forward, Fairytale Bath Boxes will cater to bookworms that pamper themselves rather than fans of specific fandoms.

Additionally, we’ve decided to put our seasonal collections on hold and focus on releasing boxes that are relevant to the season they’re in.

Here is the schedule going forward:

- September - November: fall scents
- December - February: winter scents
- March - April: spring scents
- June - August: summer scents

The SWEATER WEATHER Bath Box is on sale from now until October 5. Boxes ship mid-October. Every Bath Box includes free US shipping. Click here to purchase or subscribe.


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