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4 Reasons You Need a Morning Ritual

Ashley Anderson

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Establishing a morning routine is an important part of practicing self-care. It’s an easy yet effective way to help start each day off with a positive tone. And when you have a great morning, you’re way more likely to have a stellar day overall.

Think about it.

How many times have you had a hiccup in the morning that caused you some distress or frustration, which then trickled down through the rest of the day?

Maybe you were running late and didn’t have time to get your coffee. So you had to drink that gross stuff at the office.

Or maybe you were so frantic that you forgot to put on mascara.

Now that’s the worst.

You don’t feel your best self when your morning doesn’t go well. The morning has a direct impact on your mood and mindset for the day.

Establishing a morning routine helps you start each day on the best foot possible.

Here’s why you need one.

4 Reasons You Need a Morning Ritual

1. You'll be less stressed

When you don’t have to think about what to do next, you don’t have to stress about making decisions. You can focus on what you’re doing, not what to do. You can move fluidly from one task to the next and enjoy the quiet time in the morning before the day starts up.

When you’re not flying frantically through the morning with your hair whipping in the wind, you’ll find you’re noticeably more relaxed and calm. You can focus on getting in the right mindset for the day and preparing for what’s to come.

2. You'll have more time to yourself

Me-time is a huge component of effective self-care.

A morning routine is like investing in yourself. When you invest, you get back. Showing yourself the love and care you deserve by reserving time for yourself feels good. It’s rewarding. It helps you appreciate yourself.

Your morning routine is built-in, preplanned me-time. It is your time to do with whatever you please. Utilize it!

Yoga morning ritual

3. You'll save time

Time is a precious asset. It seems like there’s never enough of it. However, if you woke up just 20 minutes earlier every day to practice your morning ritual, you’d add over 120 hours to your life each year.

Sure, it can be great to lounge in bed and keep hitting snooze. But wouldn’t it be better to get up and attack the day with intention, knowing that each step you’re taking is leading to compounding success throughout the day?

Aside from waking up a little earlier, you can also save time with a morning ritual because it takes away the friction of deciding what to do next. You’ll be acting, instead of reacting.

You don’t have to waste time making decisions like “should I shower or have my coffee first?” You just complete the tasks and enjoy your time doing them.

4. It gives you momentum

Doing things you enjoy always helps put a pep in your step. What if you did something you enjoyed every morning? Imagine the effect that could have on your mood.

Sure, your morning ritual will consist of the things you have to do like get ready and drive to work. But you can (and should!) also add activities that motivate and inspire you.

Maybe you set aside 15 minutes to read from your current book. Or maybe you spend time doing a bit of yoga and getting a head start on your water consumption for the day. Whatever helps you feel great, do it.

Your morning routine is a sacred time that you spend intentionally with yourself. It should consist of a group of activities that are repeatable and concrete that help motivate you to give it your all, all day long.

Your morning routine shouldn’t be copied and pasted from what works for someone else. Take time to consider what works for you and cultivate a ritual that energizes and revitalizes you.

For one person, energizing their body through exercise might help jump-start their day. But for someone else, cardio in the morning sounds exhausting. Take a look at yourself and reflect to discover which rituals help you feel the best.

Don’t be afraid to experiment to find what works.

The best part is once you set your morning ritual, it only gets easier to uphold. Humans are creatures of habit. You’ll find yourself looking forward to your few quiet moments before the bustle of your day begins.

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