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Hey, bookworm.

Caught yourself dreaming about your book boyfriend again? It's cool, we don't judge.

In fact, here at Fairytale Bath Company, we encourage every opportunity to get lost between the pages of a book.

That's why we make bath bombs, soaps, and candles for readers. Each product is carefully crafted to bring your favorite stories to life.

From bath potions to body elixirs, we make whimsical and enchanting products for those of us that just can't let go once we turn the final page.

If you'd like to chat about that book boyfriend of yours, join our Facebook group and chat about anything reading with fellow bookworms.

Looking for book reviews? Check out our Youtube channel, where we post weekly book reviews and other book-related videos.

Ready to relax? Try our monthly bath box for easy ordering or browse our product collections to find the product right for you.

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Each month we'll send you a themed box of cozy and fragrant scents and self-care items, inspired by a theme your bookish heart will love. Choose between a number of subscription options.

2. Wait for your delivery.

Your box will ship in the month following the one that you subscribed during. For example, subscriptions purchased between January 5 to February 4 will mid-Feburary.

3. Grab a book and relax.

Curl up with your current read and prepare to indulge! Each box contains a variety of book-themed self-care products including candles, bath bombs, soaps and scrubs that will keep you connected to the fictional world all month long. 

What subscribers are saying

Every item in the bath box I received was of high quality and a great value for the price. The scents are really great. The sugar scrub was my favorite item, but all of the items were amazing. I also love that there are shower steamers so that you can use the products when you don't have time for a bath.


Absolutely loved everything in this box! Especially the sugar scrub. All smells so amazing!


I absolutely love everything I received. I used a shower steamer for the first time and I will definitely be getting more.


I have no idea which product is my favorite. It’s all so unique and beautifully scented. I really love how smooth the lip balm is. This box was a masterpiece.


This box is the perfect kit to pamper yourself each month and to motivate you to take time for you!

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